10 tips to maintain notebook computer - Useful Computer Repair Skills
First, maintain a drive, disc cleaning

CD-ROM drive uses a very precise optical components and optical components are most afraid of is the dust pollution. Dust from the disc into, out of the whole process, the disc is clean on the drive's life expectancy is directly related to the. Therefore, the CD-ROM into the drive should be made before the necessary cleaning, do not use the Dell Latitude D610 Battery CD to take proper care to prevent dust contamination.

Second, regular cleaning and maintenance of laser head

Drive after a period of time, the laser head is bound to infected dust, so that the reduced ability to read the disk drive. Specifically read the disk performance slow down, display pictures and sound as a mosaic or pause, in severe cases can often hear the drive reading the disc sound. These phenomena on the laser head and drive motor and other components are damaged. Therefore, users should be cleaned regularly drive maintenance or for a professional maintenance.

Third, to maintain horizontal drive

In the process of using the CANON NB-5L Battery machine, drive to maintain the level place. The reason is that the disc rotates in the center of gravity changes due to imbalance, when a slight decrease can read the disk capacity, may severely damage the laser head. Some people use different machines in the computer CD-ROM to install the software, often used to remove the drive take, or even carry, which is very damaging to the drive. The harm is the drive within the optical components, laser head tilted due to vibration and changes, resulting in drive performance.

Fourth, develop a set off the habit of taking time before

Once inside the CD-ROM drive, not only when the computer starts to have very long load times, and has been in a high-speed CD-ROM will also be rotating. This will not only increase the working hours of the laser head, but also to drive the motor and transmission components in the wear state, potentially reducing the drive of life. The user is to develop a time before the shutdown remove the disc from the Acer Aspire 3810T battery drive the habit.

Fifth, to reduce the working hours of CD-ROM

In order to reduce the use of drive time, to extend its life, the use of a computer user in the case of hard drive space allows, you can put frequently used discs made of a virtual CD in a hard disk. Such as educational software, games, software, etc. stored in the hard disk, so that later can be run directly on your hard drive, and have fast speed.

Six or less pirated discs, the use of genuine CD

Many of my friends because the price of pirated CDs and CD prices have a genuine gap, coupled with rich and buying a CD-ROM, based on CANON NB-4L Battery China's national conditions, which is beyond reproach, but because you drive a long read pirated discs, disc because of its poor quality , required repeated laser to read data. This increase in motor and laser work time, thus greatly reducing the drive of life. Currently the price of genuine software has been greatly decreased, and some only slightly more expensive than the pirated software, CD-ROM drive and a guarantee. It is recommended that you minimize the use of pirated optical discs in the future more than the use of legitimate discs.

Seven, the correct opening and closing plate box

Either drive, front panel has a closed box with the key box, use this button to correct the conventional method of switching optical disk cartridges. Button when the finger is not too much force to prevent the keys out of control. Some users have used bare hands to push back plate box, which drives the drive gear is damaged, it is recommended to overcome this bad habit.

Eight, the use of the program on and off disk box

Use of program switch plate box, or CASIO NP-20 Battery multimedia player in many software tools have this feature. If the Windows right-click the CD drive letter, and its pop-up menu also has a "pop" command, you can eject the disc box. Users are advised to make use of software-controlled opening and closing plate box, which can reduce the incidence of drive failure.

Nine, careful maintenance

As the drive all the components are very sophisticated, user CD-ROM drive installed in the open and the process must pay attention to ways and means to pay attention to record the original fixed position. If you are not sure, it can ask a professional maintenance staff disassembly and repair. In particular, laser aging and need to adjust the drive power to increase the laser power, be sure to ask a professional service personnel to debug, to prevent their own adjustments too large, making the laser burn.

Ten, as little as possible DVD

This avoids a long IBM ThinkPad T60p Battery drive to work continuously for a long time to read the disk drive, a great impact on the drive life. Users will need to regularly broadcast the program, it is best to be copyed hard to ensure that the drive longevity. If you do often depends on DVD, it is recommended to buy a cheap low-speed drive designed to play VCD.

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