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Variety of electric bikes on the market today use the battery. In addition to the use of the largest VRLA batteries, nickel metal hydride batteries, nickel cadmium batteries, lithium ion batteries, zinc air battery and so on. These batteries have their own unique advantages, we to know about the characteristics and function of each cell.

Lead-acid batteries

Among them, the largest number of lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid batteries, the lowest price, the most commonly used in China is the largest producer of lead-acid batteries worldwide. Containing contaminated ingredients is relatively small, good recyclability. The disadvantage is that the specific volume is small. In other words, in the same capacity, the Lenovo 3000 G530 laptop battery weight and size. The current lead-acid battery is basically from the float-type battery development. The floating battery is not suited to fast charging and high-current discharge, technicians spent a great deal of effort, effective improvements can enter the utility, but its life is still very unsatisfactory. Gel batteries

The gel battery is a development of lead-acid batteries are classified, the easiest way is to add a gelling agent in sulfuric acid, sulfuric acid electro-hydraulic become colloidal. The electro-hydraulic was the acer battery of the colloidal often called a gel battery. Broadly speaking, the difference between gel batteries with conventional lead-acid batteries lies not only in the electro-hydraulic changed to a gel-like. Such as non-solidified state of water-based colloid from the electrochemical classification structure and properties belong to the same gel batteries. Another example is the grid node attached to the polymer material, commonly known as the ceramic grid, can also be regarded as the characteristics of the application of gel batteries. Recent existing laboratory to add a targeted coupling agent in the plate formulation, greatly improving the response of the electrode active material utilization, non-public information that can be achieved 70wh/kg weight than the IBM 40Y8318 Battery pack energy level, these are examples of the application of gel batteries at this stage of industrial practice and areas for industrialization.

Difference between gel batteries with conventional lead-acid batteries, the electrochemical characteristics of the original understanding of electrolyte gelling further development of the electrolyte infrastructure of research, as well as in the grid and active material in the promotion. Its most important features are: smaller industrial cost, along the 150-year-old lead-acid battery industry path to create a better quality battery discharge curve straight inflection point high specific energy than power than conventional lead-acid batteries Dell inspiron 1420 charger for more than 20%, life expectancy is generally longer than conventional lead-acid batteries about twice as high and low temperature characteristics much better.

Ni-MH battery

The specific volume of the nickel-metal hydride battery is much better than lead-acid batteries monomer battery life is relatively good, its high current charge and discharge characteristics of lead-acid batteries. Ni-MH battery series hp battery pack management issues, in the event of overcharge, the formation of the molten monomer battery separators, in which the entire set of batteries to fail. So, the key technical issues of domestic nickel-metal hydride battery or charger and battery management system, this issue has not caused the various battery manufacturers and depots enough attention. Therefore, the development of the nickel-metal hydride battery has received a lot of constraints. Current IBM ThinkPad R52 Battery replacement characteristics of the nickel cadmium batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel-metal hydride battery and features of its anti-overcharge than the nickel-metal hydride battery, China is the largest producer of the nickel-cadmium batteries in the world. Some suggest that the cadmium pollution, China is still a large number of exports to the European nickel-cadmium battery and its applications to 2006, Europe began to limit the According to the CCTV broadcast news, Shenzhou V, or nickel-cadmium batteries. This is a relatively high reliability advantages of the battery of the varieties also applications and aerospace equipment. This view, electric bicycles, nickel-cadmium batteries premature exit the application whether there is some radical? The cost of the nickel-cadmium batteries and charger costs are significantly below the nickel-metal hydride battery, recycling good, or should I keep this battery varieties.

Lithium ion battery

The specific volume of the lithium-ion laptop battery is better than the nickel-metal hydride batteries, lead-acid batteries of the same capacity, the weight of the lithium-ion battery is equivalent to a laptop computer, so that elderly and infirm can be used. Its life can be better than nickel-metal hydride battery. The current cell phone batteries are basically the battery. The internal resistance of lithium is relatively large, the electric bike battery be fully discharged when feel the power of the car. The main problem of the lithium-ion battery the battery will overcharge and over discharge state exploded, cell phone batteries are used in single cells, and then after a good protection circuit used in conjunction with, basically put an end to the explosion of the battery. Electric bicycles must use the concatenation of the battery pack, they are chained battery pack protection circuit complexity far more than a single battery protection circuit, the material costs also increased significantly. The cost of a good lithium battery protection circuit close to the price of the battery itself. Polymer lithium battery explosion of mass destruction is less than the lithium-ion batteries, but also there is the possibility of explosion and fire. This is also the same with the lithium-ion batteries Dell Inspiron 1410 ac adapter need to address the problem.

Zinc-air batteries

Zinc-air batteries for its specific volume is large, pollution known to the world. The battery for electricity, update, battery zinc plate. Replaced once a zinc plate can use the 160 km to 220 km. Shanghai in the country has set an example of carrying out the application of the zinc-air batteries in electric bicycles, set up dozens of for-grid points in the city, creating a precedent of the zinc-air battery in the application of electric bicycles. Its limitations: being unable to carry out application tests in places other than Shanghai, the use of cost is also a lead-acid batteries several times. If, further expanding its scope of application, there is the possibility to further reduce the HP 530 AC Adapter cost.
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Tell an engineer that you want a battery that’s powerful, safe, reliable, and cheap, and he’ll probably respond, “Powerful, safe, reliable, cheap: pick any two.”

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The floating battery is not suited to fast charging and high-current discharge, technicians spent a great deal of effort, effective improvements can enter the utility, but its life is still very unsatisfactory.


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