Composition skills of Flowers - Useful Computer Repair Skills
Flowers is the most attention to the composition of a class of photography. Shooting in general follow the rules such as golden, to split the entire screen, press the tic-tac-toe, and points of interest into an intersection. However, due to the different needs, and even everyone's aesthetic, so that each people have different preferences on the Canon EOS 550D Battery Grip composition. To appreciate the good works of others, watching movies, and can quickly increase the level of their own composition.

Composition on the important points to consider:

Image size: a flower photography, the size of the position occupied by the flowers in the whole picture in composition belong perspective, the comparison of means of expression, the configuration of the screen and the flower trade-off depends on the photographer's creative intentions, shooting as a whole, or close the position occupied in the picture is different, it is necessary to highlight the subject, but also density and white, to prevent distracting, chaotic.

· Angle: The angle refers shoot PANASONIC dmw-bm7 battery cameras and flowers between two points a straight line with the political party level line of sight or vertical line of the associated point of view. Overhead, Yang shot and left partial right shot, will form a level of about different kinds of camera angles. Angle slightly changes will impact on the composition, in order to choose the right camera angle, at the time and effort carved finely ground. In general, easy to watch the flower garden or flower beds, photographing flowers, colorful overlooking angle shot. But shooting the trees of the Cotton Tree Drive, water lotus, water lily on the lake, sometimes the angle is not large easy to select. But more is not easy to shoot, the more we think of ways to find the best angle to achieve a breakthrough innovation.

· Tone levels: Nikon EN-EL19 Battery tone refers to the flower by the irradiation of light, and shades. Positive light shooting flowers, clear tone. Backlit film, darker tone. Shooting with edge-lit leaves and petals on the light and dark, structured. To produce a variety of tones, all have their own special effects. The next tune is fresh, deep shadows, level more in the middle of next happy tune. Light-colored flowers, suitable performance Ming tune. Suitable for dark-colored flowers with dark tune performance, regardless of the shadow tone should focus to the performance level of the flowers, do not pay attention to the tone and texture of flowers can not be a good performance, there is no hierarchy, you can not express the three-dimensional flowers , flower photography, under the premise of a true reproduction of flower color, the IBM Laptop Batteries pursuit of the shadow to reconcile the level effect.

· Lines: lines are the Flowers of the most important factor, no lines, no flower morphology. In the works of a flower, the lines like the skeleton, like skin color, are indispensable. Shooting to consider the composition, we should pay attention to the analysis subject floral lines of right and wrong, thickness, density, distance, height, length, major and minor, the COMPAQ Presario C700 Battery actual situation, be good choice to be the selection and use, so that the lines that contrast on the screen. to coincide with appropriately. Choice of lines, in particular, pay attention to the character and characteristics of the flower can not be ignored.

· The actual situation: the actual situation in the art of photography, the composition factors of a unique means of expression, which is completed by means of the characteristics of the lens. The use of the actual situation contrast, the aim is to highlight the theme, render the atmosphere, and enhance the artistic effect. Photography of the actual situation, have different meanings. The real focus to obtain the main clear, realistic techniques requirements. And the imaginary, the artistic requirements, a variety of virtual, the former is true, virtual, virtual left and imaginary right, a little virtual local virtual, virtual large area, affect the theme of virtual out unnecessary scene The purpose is to make the theme image is more prominent, artistic, and achieve a certain artistic effect.

The artistic effect of the HP Pavilion DM3 Battery actual situation, with the characteristics of the lens, to achieve the effect of the actual situation through the use of the aperture to control depth of field, lens characteristics and factors affect depth of field 3:00:

A: The lens focal length, the smaller the range depth of field.

B: the larger the aperture, the smaller the depth of field range.

C: subject is away from the more recent, smaller depth of field range.

Know this principle, when photographing flowers, it is necessary to pay attention to the main flowers placed on the role and principles into the composition of the effective depth of field, depth of field, narrow depth of field, so that the HP Compaq Business Notebook 6735s Battery screen to produce the actual situation effect, enhanced screen artistic appeal.

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