Highway car driving skills - Useful Computer Repair Skills
Taboo: not forget to check tire

High temperature, speed, and likely to cause a puncture, puncture can cause the direction out of control causing the accident. Puncture for many reasons, to prevent puncture, but also from the preparation before the trip talking about.

Tip: four tires before the trip should be carefully checked again, the best professional repair shop to adjust the tire pressure. In particular, do not forget to check the spare tire is in good condition with gas. Break halfway, but also check the tire, beating with fists, to see whether it is normal. If a leak to repair immediately. Moving a tire failure, not to slam the brakes so the car is easy to horizontal lines out of control. To grip the steering wheel, Dell 312-0186 Battery pack slow down gradually sidelined.

Taboo: the uneven speed of speed

In relation to high-speed highway driving (within the prescribed speed limit), but the speed is fast, nervous novice, the direction will be wandering, easy to cause the accident. But slowly, especially below 80 km / h under normal road conditions, easy to quickly come up after the car caused by visual errors and rear-end.

Tips: before the high-speed, give yourself to set a speed, which also laid for the future highway driving, the speed of a "personality". Recommended for novice the first time on a high speed under normal road conditions for 90-100 yards, if only less than 80 yards, it was suggested to take the ordinary road. Also, try to travel within the roadway, not a long occupation of ultra-lane.

Taboo III: quietly overtaking

Highway overtaking is inevitable. However, many novice lack of Dell Studio 1745 laptop battery experience, forget to hit the turn signal when overtaking, or a dozen light has not been careful lookout, began to overtake. This has two main dangers: First, the vehicle in front may be about to overtake, but also by out after the car a short distance, or was about to overtake each other to cut in a collision.

Tips: before overtaking must before and after look at before you start. Especially beyond the large trucks, be sure to confirm the vehicle in front already know your intentions. Hit the turn signal, continuous press the speaker (lorry noise on the highway, the driver is not audible), if necessary, to play the high beams to indicate. Start overtaking should decisive return to the carriageway to look at the rearview mirror to ensure that after the HP HSTNN-CB1A Battery replacement car a safe distance.

Also, when being overtaken, do not stress, manage their direction, to take their own lane. In particular, ultra-large passenger up, and occasionally in the rotating air flow between the two vehicles, this time to grip the steering wheel, staring at the front of the lane, it was nearly over.

Taboo IV: too close to the following distance

The highway speed is fast, the car from the corresponding widening. Calculated at 100 kilometers per hour, a second wheel to get out of about 28 m.

Skills: usually 100 kilometers per hour, the following distance is 100 meters. On the highway will continue to confirm the distance from the vehicle signs, can be used to estimate their own following distance. Try not to long with behind the large truck, the volume of such vehicles, blocking the front line of sight. And some lorry tail Solar Panel Charger for Laptop lights dim, the potential danger.

Taboo: wiper spray no water

Spring sunshine, rain, rain ended the road wet, Apple laptop battery splashes of fine mud of the vehicle in front will cover the windshield wiper scraped clean to spray scratch. But many novice prior to departure to check sprinkler without water spray, a fuzzy line of sight, dry scraping, the more blurred.

Tip: before departure to confirm water spray. Blurred windshield splash, spray scraping swab before to see the road ahead, the traffic is not complicated, because a sprinkler scraping swab into a short piece of vague, should be appropriate to reduce the speed, continuous spray, wiper open to mid-range speed.

Taboo VI: The drive to answer the phone

High speed to answer the phone, a distraction, the direction of deviation, two-speed suddenly slow down, easy to cause the following DM 500S Satellite Receiver vehicle rear-end. Even with a headset, but also have the same problem.

Tip: Before high-speed mobile phone open to the mute state. Listening to the bell does not pick up, and I feel very irritable, difficulty concentrating affect driving. Open to the mute state, rest stops, and then took out his mobile to respond to the caller.

The highway is completely closed, even if the home in case of emergency, can not immediately turn around, or go to the next exit and then return. So do not rush to answer the phone on the road. Another method is to specify a crew is designed to give you answer the phone.

Taboo: Drive screw beverage bottle

Thirsty, drink beverages, hands on the wheel, driving single-handedly picked up the drinks bottle with one hand to twist the cap sub. Twist not open, they looked down this to the front too late to deal with.

Skills: prepared in advance, Battery for ACER Aspire 5732Z cover the hand to push the bottles, beverage bottles with a straw. If you have a crew, this small, must not make their own water supply designated by him.

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