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With economic development, social progress, people are raised higher and higher energy requirements, find new energy sources become an urgent issue facing humanity. There are three kinds of existing energy, ie thermal power, hydropower and nuclear power.

Thermal power need to burn coal, oil and other fossil fuels. On the one hand the limited reserves of fossil fuels, the more burning less, are facing the danger of depletion. It is estimated that the world's oil resources dry up and then put for 30 years. The other hand, burning fuel will emit CO2 and sulfur oxides, IBM Thinkpad T41 battery thereby causing the greenhouse effect and acid rain, deterioration of the global environment.

Water to drown large areas of land, may lead to ecological damage, and once the collapse of a large reservoir collapse, the consequences would be disastrous. In addition, a country's water resources are limited, but also subject to seasonal effects.

Under normal circumstances, of course, Nikon D90 Battery Grip nuclear power is clean, but in case of a nuclear leak, the consequences are also dire. Former Soviet Union, the Chernobyl nuclear accident, has made 900 million people affected to different degrees of damage, but this effect does not end.

These are compelling people to find new energy sources. New energy to simultaneously meet two conditions: First, the rich will not depletion; the second is safe, clean, do not threaten humans and the environment. Currently found there are mainly two new energy HP Compaq NC6400 Battery, solar energy first, and second, the fuel cell. In addition, wind power can also be regarded as supporting the new energy. Among them, the best of the new energy is the sun can be.

Solar power is the best new energy

Solar radiation on Earth is very large, about 40 minutes of solar radiation on Earth, a year would be sufficient for global human energy consumption. It can be said that solar energy is really inexhaustible source of energy. And solar power is absolutely clean, no pollution. So solar power is known as an ideal source of energy.

Access to electricity from solar energy, to be carried by the solar photovoltaic cells transform to achieve. Other HP Pavilion dv1000 Battery power generation with the past, it is a completely different principle, has the following characteristics: ① no depletion risk; ② absolutely clean (pollution); ③ not limited geographic distribution of resources; ④ in electricity generation at the nearest; ⑤ energy of high quality; ⑥ User emotionally receptive; ⑦ access to energy spent a short time. Inadequacies are: ① the distribution of radiation energy density, that is, to take up a huge area; ② energy obtained with the four seasons, day and night and confront other weather conditions. Overall, however, fundamental, as a new energy, solar energy has great advantages, so by the world's attention.

To make solar power really reached the practical level, it is necessary to improve the photovoltaic conversion efficiency and reduce costs, and second, to achieve the solar power generation with the current power grid.

Currently, HP EliteBook 6930P Battery solar electricity to mainly monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, amorphous silicon three. The highest conversion efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar cell has reached more than 20%, but the price is also the most expensive. Minimum conversion efficiency of amorphous silicon solar cells, but the price is the cheapest, best hope for the future generation will be the normal battery. Once it's a large area components of photoelectric conversion efficiency of 10% per-watt power generation equipment prices have dropped 1-2 dollars, would be sufficient competition with the current way of generating electricity. Estimated that this level could be achieved in this century.

Of course, special purpose and the Nikon EN-EL19 Battery efficiency of solar cells using the laboratory is much higher, such as the United States, developed by Boeing semiconductor gallium arsenide semiconductor gallium antimonide overlap with the solar power is made, the photoelectric conversion efficiency up to 36%, fast to catch up with the efficiency of coal-fired power generation. But because it is too expensive, and currently only limited use in the satellite.

Prospects for solar power

COMPAQ Presario CQ70 Battery Solar power a more exciting project. First, Japan's Genesis program. Ready to use on the ground area of ​​desert and ocean to generate electricity, and through the superconducting cable into a single global grid solar power stations linked to the global supply. It is estimated that by 2000, 2050, 2100, even though all the world's energy supply with solar power, but also as an area of ​​651,100 square kilometers, 1,867,900 square kilometers, 8,291,900 square kilometers. 8.2919 million square kilometers of marine area was 2.3% of the total, or 51.4% of all deserts, and even the Sahara Desert is 91.5%. Therefore, this program is possible.

Another program is the power of heaven. Back in 1980 NASA and the Department of Energy proposed to build solar power plants conceived in space, ready to put in orbit on a 10 km long, 5 km wide and a large flat, covered with solar cells, this can provide 5 million kilowatts of electricity. But this need to be addressed to the HP EliteBook 8530P Battery terrestrial wireless transmission problems. Has proposed using microwave beam, laser beam, and other programs. Although with the current model aircraft to achieve a short-range and short-term, low-power microwave wireless power transmission, but also from the real practical long way.

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