Tips for Vehicle Maintenance - Useful Computer Repair Skills
How car maintenance? What's driving need to pay attention? How car maintenance? What's driving need to pay attention? We have summarized the 30 car, car "military regulations", for your reference.

1, read the manual - take the time to read the Dell Latitude D800 Battery drivers manual, familiar with the manufacturer's recommendation.

2, check the battery - If the battery used for more than four years, he may only work in warm weather.

3, to avoid trouble - for the prevention of lost or in case of helpless situation, we must always make the HP TouchSmart tx2 battery phone fully charged and put on a jumper or a portable power pack. But do not use mobile phones while driving.

4, Check the antifreeze - to check the antifreeze every bit, if the surface is always lower but did not find an external leak, then it should be an Dell Inspiron 1501 battery internal engine leak, you must check an engine placed major accident.

5, to save fuel - to avoid unnecessary emergency brake and acceleration, so a liter of gasoline can travel more than two kilometers.

6, the replacement of synthetic lubricants - If you are using the knowledge of traditional oil, replace the oil into the well-known brands can improve vehicle efficiency, more effective to keep the engine clean and prevent the accumulation of harmful sludge and carbon deposits .

7, let the Acer Aspire 3610 battery engine idle - before driving in cold weather, let the engine idle for a few seconds to ensure proper engine oil flow and lubrication.

8, check the air pressure - check tire pressure and inflated to the manufacturer's recommended pressure, low tire pressure will accelerate wear and increase fuel consumption. If the tire is always to run the gas, must be repaired.

9, check the tire tread - If severe or irregular tire wear, wear, wheel alignment may indicate a problem or the front part has worn out.

10, regular flushing brake fluid - the car's brake fluid will absorb moisture, which will corrode the brake system. Braking system is especially important to Dell KM958 Battery prevent corrosion, the best flush and replace brake fluid every two years.

11, adjust the engine - the engine according to the user manual to fully adjust.

12, check the coolant color - the color of coolant check, coolant inhibitor which color that runs out, and the engine and radiator are being corrosion.

13, clear hose - engine overheated plug or hose may be caused by too tight hoop. Hose should be checked every oil change.

14, check the wipers - Check windshield wiper has no cracks or broken, and renewed every year.

15, clean air filter - replace every two oil should check the air filter system to prevent leaks or damage.

16, check the belt - Dell W953G Battery oil change at the same time examine the various belts, because the belt will cause damage to the engine performance degradation or failure.

17, re-calibrated suspension - if the suspension is not properly calibrated, traveling two thousand kilometers of new tires will wear.

18, check the lights - ensure lights clean and working properly, attendant with several spare bulbs and fuses.

19, maintenance of power steering - Dell XPS M1210 battery hydraulic oil checked once a month, if too little, check hoses for leaks.

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